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New York to Daytona,Lake Mary, Orlando area

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06 March 2009, 15:14
New York to Daytona,Lake Mary, Orlando area
Hello Everyone,

My name is Angel I am a FullTime Regular Mail Handler My seniority date is 08/19/06 Currently working on Tour 3 13:00-21:50pm "APPS MACHINE" . My Move Would help me be closer to my Elderly parents who are in need of my Assistant's but being so far from them there is only so much I can do...So Please if anyone can help me please Do. Any and Every info will be Greatly Appreicated Even if anyone knows what other alternative I can use please feel free to email me at Thank you so Much Angel
13 April 2009, 08:04
jackie ward
would u be interested in moving to the miami florida area. i work in a brand new facility called the south florida l&dc. i as well have a bid on the apps machine. building just opened 2 months ago. 496,000 sq ft. it is a mailhandler facility. if interested please respond back to me by email or call 786-285-5554.