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Springfield, Ma to Florida

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06 June 2009, 16:25
Springfield, Ma to Florida
My wife and I need to transfer to Florida to take care of my elderly father-inlaw. We both are full-time regular mailhandlers with senority date of December 2001. We both work in the Springfield L&DC. I work 3:30am- 12:00pm sun/mon off. My wife works 11:00am-7:30pm sun/mon off. Either one of us would be willing to swap with you. Our building is pretty nice. There are plenty of really great locations to live around Springfield. We live in Agawam, Ma which is 10 minutes from work and it is perfect to raise a family. We just need to go as soon as we can because my father-inlaw is not doing so well. Please help if you can. You can email me at or call me (413) 244-1746. Thank you

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