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How to post a mutual transfer ad

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23 October 2006, 14:30
How to post a mutual transfer ad
How to post a mutual transfer ad:

1. Select the proper craft. (Mail Handlers, custodial, and others please use "All Others")
2. Click on New >> Discussion
3. In the Subject area enter where you are now and where you want to transfer to. (For example: Dallas to Orlando)
4. In the Message section include pertinent information. Information can include your name, position, duty hours, seniority date and related comments. Example:
"Dallas to Orlando. My seniority date is June 2, 1991 and I wish to transfer to Orlando to be near Walt Disney World. Plenty of OT available in Dallas. All offers considered. Bill, 555-555-5555"

- Posting is free - forum registration is required.
- Since each mutual transfer request is a separate message, forum members can post replies about each specific mutual transfer request.
09 November 2009, 19:33
steven fernandez
Level 5 mailhandler dock tech looking to transfer to Orlando P&DF, Jacksonville P&DF or Daytona Beach P&DF have been in the postal service since February 1999, currently on tour 3 2pm-10:30pm, would appreciate any help, thank you
22 March 2013, 12:09
Hello my name is Linda Crenshaw iam originally. from
Detroit michigan. I have been with the postoffice since 1998 i'am a full-time(mailhandler) regular craft employee, i do work 40 hour a week. Last year i made decision to bid from downtown detroit post (GWY)to closer to home, When i decide to relocate to the (NDC) Allen park michigan building... there-for i had to take the junior seniority of 1999, when i enter the building (NDC)august 25 2012 which iam a regluar craft mailhandler and i'am working 40 hours and OT at the (NDC) I have been trying since last year 2012 to relocate, do to health issues.. Looking to relocate to Atlanta is where my brother's live. or relocated to south caroina or north carolina. phone number is 248-9829892 or you can email me at
24 April 2013, 15:43
armand galey
hy im a custodian lv 4 working in 42 street new york city.looking to move to florida.i start working in the post office in 1993.anyone want to swap from ny email me at.
29 April 2013, 15:14
armand galey