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14 December 2012, 12:26
charlie ketchum
Transfer or swap
I'm presently a SMO,working Tour 2 ,and have been for 5 months acting MMO on tour 3,i have worked for Post office 27 yrs,started from bottom an dworked my way up,have been to all kinds schools,have college degrees,an dstill taking courses on postal computer,looking for either Swap or transfer or acting MMO,tour 3 or tour 2 will take Smo position same Tour's,either in Providence,R.I,PD&C or Portsmouth,N.H.PD&C or Scarbrough,Me,PD&C,looking to transfer or what ever before summer months,relocating due to wife's health and she is from Greenville/Harmony,R.I.,but will consider other areas posted,I also miss New England,we miss 4 seasons,food,stores,activities,people,friends,and so much more,so if you wan to come to florida,just get in touch with me. Greatly appreciate any help?????????????????