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Mutual Transfer, from Moca Puerto Rico to Ft Meyer or Cape Coral Florida

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23 June 2014, 21:26
Mutual Transfer, from Moca Puerto Rico to Ft Meyer or Cape Coral Florida

My Name is Oliden Feliciano also known as Billy, I presently live in Moca, Puerto Rico, I am a Full Time City Carrier, looking for a Mutual Transfer From Moca, Puerto Rico to Ft. Myers or Cape Coral Florida.
I have a wonderful full time mounted Route in Moca, Puerto Rico, where you have access to tons of wonderful attraction like scuba diving, horse back riding, and snorkeling only to mention a few, all only 15 minutes to ½ an hour to the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, I am located only 15 to 20 minutes to the most wonderful and breath taking malls, not to mention the best warm weather all year round. My Route is an 8-hour route, with Permanent Saturday and Sunday’s off. Don’t miss out on this wonderful offer that only comes once in a Lifetime, because there are only very few positions available of this sort in Puerto Rico.
I myself waited 15 years to get this position and am willing to make a Mutual Transfer. I have been on my route for 25 years now and am looking for a Mutual transfer. I am looking to relocate due to my only daughter going to a college in Ft Meyers and my wife and I need to be close to her and family. Your prompt consideration will be greatly appreciated.
Any questions please feel absolutely free to email me or call me at 1-787-464-1553 -
P.S. I have a wonderful home for Rent as well in the area.
05 August 2016, 19:28
Julian Pierce, MH
If you're still looking, I am trying to come to San Juan. Maybe we can do a three way trade if someone in Florida wants to come to Knoxville TN
Julian Pierce
Mail Handler, Knoxville TN