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Orlando PD&C to South Florida

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21 July 2017, 11:22
Orlando PD&C to South Florida
Level 4 mailhandler, tour 2 (6am-2:30pm) th/fr.
Looking to transfer to South Florida, Naple, West Palm Beach, Miami).
Thank you. Seniority 2003

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23 January 2018, 09:09
Hi Barbara. My name is Angel I would like to swap with you. I’m a mailhandler at royal palm in Miami tour 3 3pm-11:30pm sat/sun my seniority date 2008
23 January 2018, 17:28
I forgot to leave my number 3055194926 call me anytime.
23 January 2018, 21:11
Sorry Angel but I am at royal palm already, I had a transfer like custodian last October.
Also I found out that mail handler union don’t allow swat