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(Custodian)Transfer from Langhorne Pa to Southern New Jersey

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30 June 2010, 17:31
(Custodian)Transfer from Langhorne Pa to Southern New Jersey
I am a laborer custodian at Langhorne, Pa. I was a clerk for almost 9 years before my location (Philadelphia L%DC) was closed down and I was excessed. I was pushed into the maintenence craft instead of moving to Ohio or Virginia. I am looking to move back to Southern New Jersey. My seniority date is February 13, 2010. I work 6am to 230pm with Sunday/Wednesday off. There is 2 other custodians at my facility who have higher seniority than me but are more than likely retiring in the next 5 to 6 years. My job duties are simple and are not the reason for my reason to move. Overtime is available if wanted at my facility. Where I work is located near a major mall and Sesame Place (if you have kids) and is very close to Philadelphia and less than an hour from NYC.

Brian (609) 980 0008