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Anyone want Tampa Florida?

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07 October 2017, 20:39
Anyone want Tampa Florida?
Hello everyone!

FT Window Clerk, Sun/Tues off, 900-1800. Level 6. 10/04 seniority. Preferably want to swap with someone with similar, scheduling and similar seniority. Contact me on here or text me at 727-798-2501. If calling, please leave a message.
12 October 2017, 20:53
Where will you like to swap to.
12 October 2017, 23:01
Originally posted by Clerck:
Where will you like to swap to.

where are you located? I'm open to any option
14 October 2017, 22:12
I'm in San Antonio, TX trying to get to Tampa FL if you want to come here
07 February 2018, 19:55
Hi, I’m in West Palm Beach, FL window clerk 10:30- 7:30pm Sunday/Wednesday off....I’m interested