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anybody wanna come to florida?

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28 June 2008, 07:01
mike in fl
anybody wanna come to florida?
i live and work in sunny sain petersburg, fl and work as an automation clerk at the P&DC in 33714.

i "want" something semi-close to Pennsylvania. within 6 hour drive or so. MD, PA, VA, NY, DE, NJ, OH, even MI would be cool or WV too. im open, just wanna be " up north" and closer to family
02 July 2008, 17:56
hey, please reply to my email....I have the trade all ready, except for your wife and possibly you, if both of you want to come to Joliet, IL
08 August 2008, 00:16
what about edison,nj
16 February 2009, 18:06
Canton OH Tour 3
17 February 2009, 15:46
bob alex
hey mike,

what about new york, white plains, if u interested please let me know..
17 February 2009, 17:54
would you consider louisville ky?
26 March 2009, 15:02
Sherry Black
What about Grantville, Pa.? I see a three way trade

Sherry Black
15 July 2009, 13:51
Still interested in being closer to PA? I'm in VT, less than half a day's drive.
22 July 2009, 14:58
mike in fl
oh, wow, sorry everybody. my email changed and i havent checked this board in a while. ive switched crafts and am now a level 7 MAINT MECH and just took the VMF test last week may move up to be a level 8 VMF mechanic.
i made this post when i was a level 6 clerk, but have since been forced out into maintnence first as a custodian. i dont know if we can swap crafts with each other or not.
my direct email is
08 July 2017, 08:33
Originally posted by angie1:
would you consider louisville ky?

Angie1: This was an older post but if you are still interested in swapping out of Louisville would you consider Las Vegas, Nevada?