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Lakes Region NH to Orange County CA

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22 February 2017, 19:32
Lakes Region NH to Orange County CA
Hello! I'm a PTF Clerk in the lakes region of NH looking to move to Orange County, CA. If you're looking for a place on Lake Winnipesaukee with plenty of overtime, an amazing postmaster, and love to ski, then this is it. I would never dream of leaving this post office if it wasn't for my spouse's job relocation. I've never had a better work situation and hate to give this up. This office is the envy of the area.

My seniority date is July 23, 2016. I average about 45hrs per week including travel to other offices in the area (though my travel to other offices has never been more than a 30min commute). The office overlooks Lake Winnipesaukee.

Please reply to this post if interested.