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From Puerto Rico To FLORIDA

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19 April 2017, 20:06
From Puerto Rico To FLORIDA
Senority July 25, 2015 Clerk
Off- Sun-Mon 21:00-5:30
Lot of OT- You receive COLA. Good work place. Near the coast.
Looking a swap from Puerto Rico to Florida. Please respond with any offers i'm open to other states. Let me know.

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24 June 2017, 09:19
Are you still looking for a swap? I'm in S. Carolina Clerk work at a station downtown 930-630 sun/tues nsd
If your interested email me

Thank you
28 June 2017, 20:07
Hi, thanks for ur reply. Right now i'm looking a swap to Killeen, San Antonio and nearby areas on Texas. If u know of someone to make a 3 way swap let me know. I will be doing the same. Thanks.