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Phoenix to PNW area

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11 September 2017, 23:21
Amy I
Phoenix to PNW area
Hey all! I am a Main Office Box clerk at the Phoenix GMF. I am looking to swap with someone in the pacific northwest area. Somewhere between Portland and Seattle, if possible. Although, Spokane area wouldn't be out of the question either. I just HAVE to get out of this heat! I am not sure how long these things take but I can not leave AZ until after April 2018. My seniority date is Jan 2016. Would also be open to changing crafts to carrier.

Thanks for reading!
26 October 2017, 02:52
Hi Amy I’m looking to relocate to Phoenix my current location is Greenville, SC if we can get a 3 way swap to accommodate you to your final destination I’m willing to work something out. I’m hopeful we can get what we want.
Thank you for your time