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Phoenix to PNW area

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11 September 2017, 23:21
Amy I
Phoenix to PNW area
Hey all! I am a Main Office Box clerk at the Phoenix GMF. I am looking to swap with someone in the pacific northwest area. Somewhere between Portland and Seattle, if possible. Although, Spokane area wouldn't be out of the question either. I just HAVE to get out of this heat! I am not sure how long these things take but I can not leave AZ until after April 2018. My seniority date is Jan 2016. Would also be open to changing crafts to carrier.

Thanks for reading!
26 October 2017, 02:52
Hi Amy I’m looking to relocate to Phoenix my current location is Greenville, SC if we can get a 3 way swap to accommodate you to your final destination I’m willing to work something out. I’m hopeful we can get what we want.
Thank you for your time
10 January 2018, 18:41
My name is Alex. I currently work in Tacoma, WA (About 30 miles south of Seattle) and I am looking to transfer to Phoenix to join my wife who relocated due to job. Are you still looking for a swap? You can e-mail me directly at and I would love to e-mail with you further about details.
Thank you,
07 February 2018, 18:25
I'm looking to move to AZ as well. I currently work in Portland, OR at the Piedmont office. If you're still looking to swap you can just email me!