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Im looking to go from California to Illinois

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28 August 2012, 01:28
Im looking to go from California to Illinois
Hi, my name is Marquita Woods and my seniority date is June 20, 1998. I wish to transfer to Illinois to be closer to my family. California has really nice weather for those interested. All offers are considered, 19097639889. Im also interested in 3 or 4 way transfers.

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10 September 2012, 13:14
David Wooley
Hello, my name is David. I work in Oregon but am interested in moving back to Southern California. Maybe we could find someone for a 3 way swap.
10 September 2012, 18:37
Hi David you just made my day, thanks for the reply. That would be awesome if we can get a 3 way transfer. I will keep me eyes open and if you find someone just let me know. I will be talking to you soon hopefully and you take care.
27 September 2012, 17:56
What city in California are you in? I might be interested I am in Midland, Texas.
27 September 2012, 18:59
Hi im in San Bernardino California about an hour east of Los Angeles. Im looking to go to Illinois. Perhaps we can find someone that we can do a three way swap with. Thanks for responding.
20 February 2013, 16:19
I'm in Illinois...where in California are you? And what part of illinois are you looking.
My contact info
20 February 2013, 17:02
I'm in San Bernardino California.
25 February 2013, 18:30
What part of illinois are you looking to transfer to?
25 February 2013, 18:38
Elgin, Itasca, schaumburg, naperville
27 February 2013, 11:45
Hi Marquita! I am ooking to go to CA! I'm in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I don't know about 3 way tranfers, but if we can work this out let me know! (562)745-5277 or
15 April 2013, 12:10
I am located in Aurora, IL. Naperville is the town connected to Aurora. We share an office in Fox Valley. I would love to hear from you.