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I'm a letter carrier with back problems, I actually can no longer perform the duties of a letter carrier. So are there any clerk positions that require no repetitive bending or twisting. No lifting, carrying, pushing or pulling over 15 pounds. I was thinking about maybe a window clerk, or a clerk that only processes first/second class mail. Is there any clerk positions that may fit my restrictions. Sorry for posting here but I truly needed your attention. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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I am a window clerk, we are the front line, and handle it all 1 ounce to 70lb. It is all standing, all repetitive, reaching and depending on the stations set up it could be twisting too. you reach out and take everything from the customer not knowing if that flat rate box is 10 ounces or 50lb or worse. I am not aware of any job with in the Postal service that is not repetitive. I have run DBCS machines, sorted manual mail, boxed PO box mail its all very repetitive. I guess you would need to figure out which part of the body can handle some repetition. Boxing mail into PO boxes is the "lightest" weight but the upper body is in constant reach out mode and the thumbs wear out from flipping the letters apart. its up and down a bit depending on how high and how low the boxes go. DBCS is a lot of twisting side to side as you sweep the machine. throwing scheme, Prime or SCF letters or flats might be ok its usually relatively in front of you but again the hands and shoulders are constantly moving. Hope that helps a little. Good luck. oh last second thought... possibly bulk mail clerk or a front office clerk. doing customer service with passports and claims etc. that would be about the best if your office is large enough to have that as a separate job.
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