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From Florida to Georgia or Texas

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07 February 2018, 21:05
From Florida to Georgia or Texas
Florida to Ga or Tx....My name is Shakira, I’m a window seniority date is 08/20/2016, I work in west Palm Beach, FL (palms west office)my hours are 10:30-7:30pm n/s is Sunday/Wednesday. I would love to transfer to Georgia or Texas....looking for a change in scenery they give overtime away like crazy, if wanted....anyone who’s interested please let me know this location is combined with many different stations to bid all in one cluster....including the main office, West Palm Beach P&DC
07 February 2018, 21:08
I can be reached at 561-268-1820 if you don’t wanna respond on here, if I miss your call....leave a message or text please thank you
11 February 2018, 18:25
I’m in San Antonio TX looking to go to FL if you are interested
17 February 2018, 19:51
Mrs. Watson
Thinking about Nevada??
17 February 2018, 20:07
West Palm Beach to Atlanta area
I've thought about. Where is Nevada? Email me at

Cecilia H.