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mutual transfer Los Angeles to Riverside Ca.

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17 June 2014, 18:58
mutual transfer Los Angeles to Riverside Ca.
My name is Wilma, looking to transfer from Los Angeles to Riverside Ca. SENORITY DATE aug 30 1986. Position customer care agent.hrs. 10-6:30 m-f. Off Sat- Sun. Contact 951-488-5018 or 951 9435176
19 May 2016, 23:44
Still interested in Riverside County? How about a three way with someone that wants to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles? You go to Corona, the other person to LA and I go to Vegas.
25 May 2016, 21:56
Jose R. Lopez
Thank you Wilma for telling me that you are now retired and that your request for a swap is no longer valid. Please remove this add.
Thank You
21 May 2017, 00:43
Hi my name is Elias and I am interested in Corona Ca maybe a three way swap my seniority is 1999 I am a clerk distribution and window clerk in Anaheim Ca with Sunday Monday of if anybody interested give me a call my phone# 714-266-8725 Thanks