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***Queens, NY to Orlando, FL***

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03 June 2017, 13:49
***Queens, NY to Orlando, FL***
I am a T7 (Lead Sales & Service Associate) my hours are 9:30-6:30 Sat/Sun off my seniority 4/1994
awesome position..
05 June 2017, 18:39
Hi what station in queens you work Im working in west palm 11am to 8pm as a SSDA my seniority is 9/17/2016
10 June 2017, 09:39
I'm in Far Rockaway, queens.
10 June 2017, 09:43
I'm looking for Orlando area or not too far
06 August 2017, 07:47
Wanda D
Hi I live in ATL, I'm also a SSA/DIST. Clerk my hrs. are 05:30 -1:30p0 SU/TU off days, my seniority is 8/1/87 would you consider ATL?
18 August 2017, 22:25
Would you consider moving to Broward County south Florida if yes then we will make this happen, please shoot me an e-mail
window clerk awesome post office seniority 2004
18 August 2017, 23:03
Hey.. where exactly is your post office located?