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Aurora, IL to Bonita Spgs/Naples area

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21 January 2012, 12:27
Aurora, IL to Bonita Spgs/Naples area
My name is Anna German and I'm a BMEU clerk at the Aurora, IL location. My hours are 9:30am-6:00pm, with a no lunch everyday to get off at 5:30pm. Weekends off with Sat/Sun non duty days...gotta love that! My seniority date is 3/05/94. Great office, people and postmaster. I have several people trained for BMEU backup and I'm on a small list with enough seniority for first choice vacations and usually take Christmas thru NY off too. If I do not find another BMEU clerk, our office could take in a clerk and fill the BMEU with a backup till that position is filled. Basically a clerk for a clerk. There is no tough job in our office...everyone is easy to work with.
I'm interested in SWF area though all suggestions will be considered. You can email me at or call 630/632-0076.