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Mutual Transfer Los Angeles>>>>>>>Las Vegas

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15 June 2016, 04:19
Fola Olaose
Mutual Transfer Los Angeles>>>>>>>Las Vegas
Hello my name is Fola I am a Mail clerk at Lapdc on Central and Florence. I am level 6 and my seniority date is Oct 2013. I currently live in Las Vegas but got my job back and had to come back to Los Angeles. I would love to go back home and work in Springfield Valley, Red Rock, Summerlin area. Please let me know you want to relocate to Los ANGELES
15 April 2017, 11:04
Lauren Turner
hello are you still looking to transfer to las vegas???
14 February 2021, 05:21
Wanna come to San Diego?
I’ll take Vegas

Daniel Toscano
18 February 2021, 12:36
I'm a clerk in Santa Ana, Ca trying to get to Nevada.
06 June 2022, 18:36
Jessica Dove
Are you still looking to do a mutual transfer to Las Vegas