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Phoenix to Chicago, Lakeland, or Central Illinois District

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27 December 2017, 08:54
John Pontikes
Phoenix to Chicago, Lakeland, or Central Illinois District
Looking to leave sunny Arizona (reluctantly) due to family matters.........Looking for a mutual swap.Window clerk position at South Mountain station.

E-reassign came thru.....THANKS for looking and good luck to all

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02 January 2018, 14:47
Are you a regular or ptf clerk?
08 February 2018, 21:26
If we can find someone from IL that wants to go to Portland, OR. I'd be willing to do a 3 way mutual trade as I'm looking to go to AZ. South Mountain Station, that's Mesa right?
09 February 2018, 10:22
What’s the address of the office? I’m sure a 30 min drive will be fine with me I already do that! Haha Smiler
10 February 2018, 20:52
Is mesa part of that Bid cluster as well? How big is the Phoenix bid cluster?
24 February 2018, 05:50
John Pontikes
E-reassign has been fulfilled.
This transfer request is now withdrawn
Thank you