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Mutual Swap request-Mesa, AZ to Seattle - Bellingham WA

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19 February 2012, 19:30
Mutual Swap request-Mesa, AZ to Seattle - Bellingham WA
My Name is Rhonda Barraza. I am a Distribution/SSA Clerk in Mesa AZ. My hours are 0400-1230 M,TU,TH,F and 0300 to 1130 on Wed with SA & SU off. My seniority date is 03/2008. I have 26 yrs in with the Postal Service. 22 yrs as a carrier and 4 as a clerk. I want a mutual trade/swap to any city/town from Seattle to Bellingham from the Cascades to the Shore due to personal family reasons. No Islands please. Are you sick of the cold gloomy rainy weather? How would you like to live in a place where there's sunshine 355 days a year? If you are interested please contact me at (that would be the numbers 03) or call 480-221-1731.
22 March 2012, 17:28

So you only work 32 hours a week new NFTF position? Is there scheme training on your bid? I will caculate the drop in salary and if it works out there's a guy in Seattle that wants to come to Texas maybe a three way mutual transfer.
11 April 2012, 01:38
Is there a scheme on your bid? I missed the Wed hours when I first looked at your posting I see your at 40 hours a week.