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Orlando Fl to Manchester NH

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22 August 2011, 22:49
Orlando Fl to Manchester NH
Looking for swap from Orlando Fl to Manchester NH. My seniority date is 12-15-2001. I'm currently at the Orlando MP Annex (until recently the L&DC), Tour 3, Fri-Sat off. I am the Exceptions clerk, but there are also 3 FSMs, two FSSs, two APPs machines, and manual sorting. Plenty to do!

This may be the one building in the area that is not downsizing. In fact, we are taking on more work all the time.

Please post here or email me at if interested.
15 October 2011, 14:23
What about Atlanta??
17 October 2011, 14:16
Austin Texas
Got someone from the Annex in Orlando (complex at the airport, right?) wanting to swap with a friend of mine here in Austin, TX.

Interested in coming to Austin? Just trying to get back home to family. Used to work at Azalea Park just north of you.
17 October 2011, 14:25
No, sorry, Atlanta and Austin don't work for me.

If we could find someone who wants to go there from Manchester we could work a three way swap though.

Winter is coming; maybe there will be someone tired of the cold up there...?
20 July 2012, 20:48
Hey Steve
I am in nh. I am based out of Marlow nh but am on detail. I'm sure we could set it up where we work a swap and they bump you to Manchester. Email me its complicated but could work.
31 January 2013, 18:31
Would U like to move to a nice small town of west side of Puerto Rico, name of the town Anasco a lots f hours saturday and sunday off, 1st on the seniority 7872096793