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Houston suburb to ????

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18 November 2017, 20:13
Houston suburb to ????
I am at a post office in the outskirts of the Houston area.
18 years seniority family is looking for a fresh start.
Would prefer somewhere with no walking and no really cold weather.
19 November 2017, 16:59
alaska mailman
Hello, would you be interested in Rapid city South Dakota. Because of the Black Hills are winters here are pretty mild. Average about 30 degrees. We get now but it usually melts within a short period of time. Most of our routes are a combination of walking and mounted. Some all mounted a couple all walking, About 40 routes all together. If you want OT it's there but we hardly ever work past 5pm. I know someone in Alaska who wants Houston if you want Rapid City. I would go to Alaska for a 3 way transfer
26 November 2017, 19:48
alaska mailman
Why bother posting an add if you don't respond
09 December 2017, 19:06
Would you be interested in Southern California? If so call or message me 951-201-6817 Noelle