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San Antonio Texas to Portland Oregon or surrounding area

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11 January 2018, 21:20
San Antonio Texas to Portland Oregon or surrounding area
San Antonio to PDX or surrounding area. 22 bidding stations. One of the most affordable housing markets in the US. No state income tax. OT if you want or not. Early start times. Warm weather so no need for a jacket and you can wear the old shorts 99% of the time so your clothing allowance can go farther. Have to move for family reasons. Riverwalk, museum reach, The Alamo, the mission district, the Pearl Distrct, Six Flags, Sea world, Greune,Schlitterbahn, world class golf courses, BBQ, and breakfast tacos. 60 miles to Austin Portland's keep it weird twin city. Two hours to the gulf Corpus Christi. Shoot me a message. Seniority date Oct 2016.
12 January 2018, 01:34
hi rpm, how about auburn wa? 3 hour north of portland or.
12 January 2018, 05:44
I like the idea of Washington with no income tax, but I need to get close to the Portland metro area and family's parents.
17 January 2018, 18:58
Hey Mill Creek, wa here. Nice small golf course town 30/40 min N of Seattle looking to get back home as I’m from s.a.
My sen. date is 6/98 let me know if your interested.
Let me know if I can sweeten the deal at all.
21 January 2018, 18:45
Kibatu k bahru
hi my name is kibatu , i work at main postal office
in downtown portland as senorty day 10/1998
and i need to know your job and your senorty is my contact information (971)3449862.
26 January 2018, 05:59
I am a city carrier and I would like to stay in my craft. I've been a city carrier for 18 years and a change in craft would be too difficult for me. Just a trade for now..
12 February 2018, 15:47
I'm in Des Moines,Wa a suburb 20 miles south of Seattle. They call it the country club of Seattle post offices cuz it's small and everyone comes here to retire. U essentially need a lot of seniority to get here. I have almost 20 years and a mounted route.
I'll take San Antonio! U interested??
15 February 2018, 06:55
I am trying to get within about an hour of Portland for family reasons (elderly parents).