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Portland OR to Northern or central Orange county, CA

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03 August 2017, 15:57
Terry Spivey
Portland OR to Northern or central Orange county, CA
Hello Letterheads , I'm looking to get back to Orange County, California to wrap up my postal career where it all started in Huntington beach in 84.
Currently I am assigned to Portland's largest DCU . There is lots of OT if you're so inclined and 3 stations you can bid routes on . I will consider any and everybody's reply so let's negotiate if you want to start something new in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest .

Terry Spivey
10 August 2017, 22:58
Would you be interested in 3 way there's a person who wants Portland from Phoenix, I need Phoenix iam in the Orange County
06 December 2017, 13:29
Mike Thone
How soon are you looking to come? Im in Newport Beach!

Mike Thone
15 January 2018, 12:36
hows Fresno Cali, very affordable traffic very lite lived in Hillsboro for 11yrs so know the area would love go back I'm A t-6 routes are great OT if you want 2yrs to retire so no rush my daughter still lives there Sant Johns .Rudy 503 572-8758