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ALaska to Jacksonville Arkansas

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01 September 2017, 21:00
Jennifer Prince
ALaska to Jacksonville Arkansas
Need to be closer to my family. My dads health is failing. Plenty of OT. T6 position. Seniority date 8/20/16
01 September 2017, 22:12
alaska mailman
I can get you to Rapid City SD
02 September 2017, 18:15
alaska mailman
Hi Jennifer, where are you in Alaska? Anchorage? I used to work in Wasilla and trying to return. Rapid city has 40 routes. You can call me at 907-354-8046 or text if your interested
05 September 2017, 06:55
alaska mailman
Jennifer- Have someone in Colorado Springs to do a 3 way if Colorado would work for you
09 September 2017, 09:20
Jennifer Prince
What is it like in Colorado? I wouldn't mind there. How does a mutual transfer work? How long can it take?
09 September 2017, 09:21
Jennifer Prince
Yes in Anchorage. My number is907 227-0184
09 September 2017, 22:49
alaska mailman
Hi Jennifer, I will call you on Sunday to talk about transfer. I actually live in Rapid City South Dakota but I know of someone in Colorado Springs Co who wants to come to Rapid City. How a 3-way mutual transfer works is , you go to Colorado, she comes to Rapid City and I go to Anchorage. If you might want Rapid City SD a transfer would be quicker if it only involved 2 people. Not sure how long it would take because it has to be approved by all 3 Post Masters. Scott Lunning
11 September 2017, 17:14
Kat Around Denver CO
Jenn, I'm from memphis, living in colorado. If you have questions or need me to find out anything for ya about either place, email me and I'll do what i can to help out.
12 September 2017, 10:33
Hi- Saw your posts about knowing a carrier in Colorado Springs looking to transfer. Do you know what station he or she is from and more importantly are they city or rural. I am city in San Diego looking for colorado Springs. Thanks!
12 September 2017, 17:33
alaska mailman
City carrier but their looking to transfer to South Dakota
08 October 2017, 13:57
Kat Around Denver CO
Hey Jennifer,
I know we spoke before. I don't know if you've found anyone to transfer with yet, but we will be hopefully relocating to AK after the husband graduates in May 2018. Let me know if youre interested and we can try to find a 3 way to Arkansas.
---Katherine Smiler
17 May 2018, 21:59
Jennifer Buck
I'm in Paragould Ar. I mite be I terated in ALaska! My cell is 870-565-3081 text me or call leave voicemail if this is still available. Thanks Jennifer Buck.

Paragould AR to CO,WY
18 May 2018, 20:50
alaska mailman
Jennifer Buick, would you be interested in Rapid city South Dakota. It would be a 3 way with the lady in Alaska
18 May 2018, 21:48
alaska mailman
Jennifer Buck, If interested my cell is 907-354-8046
03 June 2018, 07:53
I’m currently in Arkansas and am willing to go to SD to help with a 3 way trade.