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Clovis, Ca to Southern California or any other offers

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03 October 2011, 15:17
Danny Ochoa
Clovis, Ca to Southern California or any other offers
I'm a regular city carrier from Clovis, Ca (near fresno). I'd like to mutually swap with someone from the San Diego area or any other SoCal city but I'm open to ANY swaps. My seniority date is November 2003. 559-800-0551 or email me at
04 October 2011, 23:46
Please let me to transfer to Clovis!!! Thanks!
11 October 2011, 14:09
Reggie P.
I would love to trade with you. I work in Seguin, Texas, about 35 minutes from beautiful San Antonio, Texas. My seniority date is 4/2006. My number is 210-268-9920. Ready to pack! Beautiful country all around.
11 October 2011, 14:37
Reggie P.
or get someone like Las vegas who wants to come to san antonio to do a 3 way if that area is better for you
12 October 2011, 20:18
Reggie P.
There is no state tax over here and the cost of living is way cheaper than California. I am just trying to get out there cause my first grandbaby was born and I want him to know his Grandpa, and my daughter needs help.
05 December 2011, 01:25
what about gilbert, az?????????
14 December 2011, 07:15
dan lasik
Reggie P, and Danny Ochoa, I am a regular in Santa Barbara, California. My seniority is in 2004, so that would be compatable with both of yours. I would like to consider going to Seguin, Texas, what is your route like? Easy or difficult? My route is quite easy. There are lots of easy routes here, and the weather is perfect for delivering mail. Would a 3-way be possible? Santa Barbara, as I'm sure you know, is within reasonable driving distance to San Diego, and Los Angeles. It's a very safe area.
14 December 2011, 07:16
dan lasik
Oh yeah, my email is
31 March 2012, 19:39
albino chapa
How about West Palm Beach Fl.Email me at or call me at 561-876-1210