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Orange County CA to Dallas TX area

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15 December 2017, 21:12
Steve Ricker
Orange County CA to Dallas TX area
I am looking for a mutual transfer to Dallas Area for someone who likes the sun and fun of OC.My route is very nice and located in Laguna Hills CA.My seniority is 4/88.Please contact me at or phone 949-285-3354.Thanks!
30 December 2017, 08:23
Steve Ricker
I would also be interested in Fort Worth area...Killeen area also.
25 January 2018, 17:03
joy m patio
We are trying to complete a 3 way swap, this is a shot to the moon... would you ever consider Las Vegas?
25 January 2018, 23:37
Steve Ricker
Hi Joy...thanks for the message.I am currently seeking out any Texas oppurtunities for now.
11 March 2018, 20:42
Steve Ricker
Looking for anyone in or around the Dallas area for mutual switch to Orange County California....30 minutes from Disneyland and an hour from LA

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