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Florida to......let's look at options

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07 September 2015, 17:52
Florida to......let's look at options
In Naples, not a beach person and been here long enough, time for a change. Looking for all 4 seasons, hiking, mountain biking, lakes, etc. Close to or in a city. Open for discussions
07 September 2015, 20:59
Save me
Bronx westchester square station plenty of ot . 31 rts mostly stick routes not many buildings . Any questions please feel to call or text 917 416 2383 Raul
07 September 2015, 21:57
Call me I live in Virginia 757-739-5676
08 September 2015, 07:21
Hi! I live in Bloomington, Indiana, a beautiful college town with the kind of attractions you are looking for. Hoosier National Forest and the largest lake in Indiana is 15 minutes away with lots of hunting and fishing. Biking is a passion in bloomington with abundant mountain biking trails all around. The movie "Breaking Away" was filmed in Bloomington, which highlighted the "Little 500" bike race which takes place every spring. We definitely have four seasons here too. My seniority is 11/98 which means you would keep all your local seniority and to prove I am a serious about transferring, please check out my ad in the Postal Record in October. Please email or call or 812-327-1485 if interested.
08 September 2015, 08:29
Eagle One
In Portland,ME Already have transfer request to Naples/Marco Island area Portand area has all that you are looking for Would like to discuss. Seniority 1/88. Call or text. John 207-831-3902
08 September 2015, 22:22
Josh look up Georgetown, TX you will fall in love with it! You basically described it in your ad. Four seasons, great schools, hiking, Kayaking, lakes, Mountain Bike trails nature trails great weather year round. Small town living with the convenience of Austin near by. Need to get to Sarasota, Ft. Myers area for family reasons. call or text Juan 512-635-0425
09 September 2015, 09:28
Save me
Hey are you interested in ny . You have everything and anything you need. If interested I have 12 yrs contact me at 917 416 2383 also what part of Florida are you at. Email is
09 September 2015, 19:05
hey josh sent you a email ..myself, wife and kids are looking to get to florida to be closer to parents is great for four seasons ..not only i live 2min from work with rotating days off ..if i transfer my home will be vacant for option for a easy move if interested ..feel free to call 6128197368
22 September 2015, 16:51
John N
Hi Josh. My name is John and I work at the Garden City Post Office on Long Island. It's close to everything and I think you would like it here. My work hours are 5am to 130pm with Saturday and Sunday off. Please call me if interested at (516)567-1640. Thanks
23 September 2015, 11:07
Interested in Marietta,Ga? If interested call me with text message. 770-639-8192.
23 September 2015, 13:50
richard pierce
I just got my erassign to naples as a carrier it took a year and half but my wife forgot to renew her transfer so it expired. Would you be willing to go to omaha nebraska? Her senority is 1988. Great city very nice people and has all 4 seasons. Call me at 4029818325 for more info thanks.
29 September 2015, 19:17
Leslie Townsend
would you be interested in the Charlotte NC area? I'm in Birmingham, but a lady from Kannapolis NC (charlotte) needs my route and I like yours.
30 September 2015, 08:23
Hugh Trotter
Come to Virginia beach, Virginia, close to all your requests
14 October 2015, 14:26
I'm in grand junction Colorado and looking to move to SW florida
15 October 2015, 15:21
Save me
Hi... I'm in New York you get all seasons here Broadway shows msg and the Barclay center citi field and Yankee stadium you can't ask for more. Also plenty of public transportation running 24hrs a day. If interested my number is 917 416 2383 Raul. Anymore info just ask