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Denver Co to TN, MI, or TX

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20 June 2017, 22:30
Denver Co to TN, MI, or TX
From: Denver CO
To: TN, MI, or TX
Name Robert Allan
Position: Regular Letter Carrier
Office seniority: 05/16
Phone 702-756-7552
Comments: Looking for western TN, Grand Rapids or Detroit areas in MI, or San Antonino area for Texas.
24 June 2017, 06:01
I'm in Albion, mi. It's about 2 hours away from both. Email me at
20 October 2017, 06:14
Gaston Danielle
Hey just a thought ever thought of Minneapolis Minnesota. I'm looking to relocate to Denver Jan 2018. Seniority Date April 2016

D. Gaston