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From Central Valley (Madera, Fresno Ca) to TX or NC

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01 October 2016, 14:02
From Central Valley (Madera, Fresno Ca) to TX or NC
Sonority date with this district May 2014 with USPS 28 years. My route is nice with a mixed delivery. This area of California is the most affordable cost of living. Example my wife and I live in a 1300 sq. ft apartment in a gated community our rent is $900 mo. Looking to retire soon and we are looking to move to a area that has a population of 50,000 below not total country, somewhat close to the city like Lexington NC or Kerrville TX anything similar. Serious contact only please.

Rudy 503-572-8758

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02 October 2016, 08:41
I'm in upstate NY looking to get to CA or AZ. possible 3-way? My seniority date is 11/97
03 October 2016, 16:14
Hello. we live in Wentzville MO which is really a small town. It is about 35 minutes from St. Louis which is where my husband works. but you can get closer without having to live in st louis and really nice small towns all around. We are really wanting to come back to California. My husband is from Fresno and I am from L.A so anywhere within 2 hour drive from Fresno is a wonderful for us. at this point really anywhere in California. We have most of our family there thats why we want to go back. please if you are interested text me or call at 7604012566 thank you
05 October 2016, 15:51
Hi there can you tell me which one of you is working at the Post Office and what is your seniority date at that office?

My wife and I are looking at NC or Tx but we are praying for His direction ") . We are currently on the ereassign but there has not been any City Carriers positions posted for about two months so we assume the P.O. is up to some change again.

Thank you much we will give you a call if we need to discuss anything further.
06 October 2016, 09:11
Hi. My hisband is the one that works for the post office. He became a regular in October of last year. I understand what you mean. We are also praying for His will. At some point corcumstances got us here so we were NOt really planning on moving to MO and staying here it happened that way so we are still praying and hoping we can move at some point. We have posted ln ereassign and it hasnt gone anywhere. But let us know if you need to talk more about it!
13 November 2016, 10:31
Bailey Jew
Hi, so what office are you located at? I'm in Concord, NC which is a smaller town just outside Charlotte. We are thinking about heading back to CA some time next year. is my email if you would be interested. Thanks.

Bailey Jew
08 May 2017, 16:52
The wash
Hey Rudy1 have you thought about central Phoenix Az I'm trying to get close to Merced and I have family in Fresno and Madera just trying to get close to family or if we can try to get a 3 way swap I'm fine with that I'm ready to go asap
My seniority is 06/24/06
09 May 2017, 16:04
Would you be interested in a 3 way? Ihave a route in Weatherford Texas. Small town of 25000, affordable homes, and the route is mostly driving with some business dismount.
09 January 2018, 14:33
03 February 2018, 17:47