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Charlotte, NC to Northern California or Oregon.

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12 September 2017, 12:05
Bailey Jew
Charlotte, NC to Northern California or Oregon.
Looking to swap around Spring 2018. Seniority 09/06

Bailey Jew
13 September 2017, 11:05
what part of Oregon?
13 September 2017, 17:45
I'm in austin, tx with seniority 9/05. Can do a 3 way if someone wants to come here from Oregon or California.
13 September 2017, 19:21
Bailey Jew
We haven't really started looking in Oregon so I am open.

Bailey Jew
13 September 2017, 20:00
Ginny Venden
I'm in Eugene Or I have 20 years and an awesome route and boss let me know if your interested
05 January 2018, 20:17
Originally posted by nenelem:
Dorin are you a city carrier or a rural carrier?

15 January 2018, 12:22
Fresno Cali very affordable traffic very lite spring 2018 would be great got 2yrs to retire so looking, t-6 routes are to die for OT if you want got brother in Greensboro this is the most, Affordable and best part of Cali.purchase new home model home for $250.000 Rudy 503 572-8758 if you want you can buy it.
17 January 2018, 09:04

Maybe we can find someone that wants to do a 3 way. I am in Richmond, VA, looking to get to Charlotte. Seniority 09/1999
13 February 2018, 11:03
Alex Becker
I am a city carrier in Northeast Ohio trying to get to Charlotte if anyone is interested in a three-way swap to Ohio.