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Bradenton, FL to Northern SC or Southern VA

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14 April 2014, 16:48
Jerry M
Bradenton, FL to Northern SC or Southern VA
Office seniority 8-12-2000
Warm weather all year around.
Plenty of O.T. If desired
Jerry Moden
16 April 2014, 05:44
Would you consider Akron, Oh couple hours to VA. If not maybe we can work a 3 way. trying to get to Bradenton
17 April 2014, 19:46
Jerry M
No, I really want SC. I will try to ereassign
Good luck
11 September 2015, 21:01
Hi Jerry did you ever get that exchange to sc or southern Virginia
13 September 2015, 16:37
Hi Jerry, my name is Mark, I'm a T6 city carrier in Charleston Sc. I know you said northern Sc., didn't know if this would be something your interested in. Seven offices to bid from. Let me know what you think at some point, Thanks Mark
18 September 2015, 01:31
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21 February 2016, 04:58
Clay Robinson
Any interest in Asheville NC?
24 March 2016, 16:16
Yes I have interest in Asheville NC. I am in Abingdon Va 24210
05 May 2016, 18:57
Hugh Richard Trotter
Hey I have been trying to get to Bradenton, live in Virginia beach Virginia, please reply
18 October 2016, 19:53
Work in Norton Va which is a small town with beautiful mountains. Bradenton is where I'm wanting to be. Hope you will look into this. Borders 3 states scenery is breathtaking. Family issues is my reason to transfer
10 March 2017, 21:13
Chuck Hunn
hello Jerry, have you considered Ohio?
Lima Ohio great office, nice area
Chuck 02/07 Good sick leave record
15 January 2018, 06:49
Originally posted by shenny:
Yes I have interest in Asheville NC. I am in Abingdon Va 24210

Shenny I am very interested in your office if you are still looking for a transfer! 641-209-2212 Please text or call
15 January 2018, 12:31
Shenny I am very interested in your office at Abingdon VA. Please call or text 641-209-2212. Thank you!