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Ogden, UT to Seattle, WA or Portland, OR

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29 February 2012, 18:17
Ogden, UT to Seattle, WA or Portland, OR
From: Ogden, Utah
To: Seattle, WA or Portland, OR
Name: David Brenkman
Seniority: 02/2005
Hours: 7:30-4:00
Off: Sunday/Rotating

Ogden is a great city with many recreational opportunities - olympic venue skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking etc. all within minutes. Great economy and low cost of living. 3 bidding stations to choose from with plenty of OT available if desired.
29 February 2012, 19:54
Say "hi" to mike smith for me...tell him Jeff in sioux falls says hello...I had route 126
29 February 2012, 20:49
I never see Mike anymore or I would. He's still at the Main and I'm at Mt. Ogden.
03 March 2012, 13:56
Surrounding areas will also be considered. Email me with any questions -
06 March 2012, 21:14
Ogden - Top 100 Adventure Towns
23 March 2012, 22:56