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Riverside, CA to NC/VA/IN/CO/ID/WA/OR

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15 August 2013, 09:37
Mary Ann
Riverside, CA to NC/VA/IN/CO/ID/WA/OR
hi I am a carrier in Norwalk CA looking for a mutual exchange to Dayton area. please call or text me at 937-356-8498
Originally posted by JamesDoo:
Are u interesting in west carrollton,OH?

22 September 2013, 23:30
Hi! Are you interested in a 3 way trade to Portland, OR. Let me know ASAP call or text 951-760-3979
09 February 2015, 19:07
Any interest in Knoxville TN?

21 February 2015, 16:27
Knoxville TN??

25 February 2015, 18:42
Have u considered come to Atlanta,Ga
19 March 2015, 01:45
Seattle district high seniority station primarily business routes in the Sodo district of Seattle. Interested?
08 April 2016, 23:27
Did you already move?...I'm from Seattle,Wa (Westwood Branch) near Burien Station and West Seattle station, 4 zip codes station...I'm interested in Riverside if you haven't moved yet...thanks hit me up on ty =)
13 September 2016, 19:37
william m lloyd
Did you ever get transfer? if no im in Richmond VA great cost of living im looking to go to Las Vegas Im sure we can find a three way that want Riverside CA William 804-564-4729 or

william m lloyd
17 September 2016, 05:53
Hi I was wondering if you ever did make that move? I'm in Seattle WA...senority is 11/2004....I've got families in Rialto, which is right next to Riverside...but if you did make that move congrats =)
14 January 2018, 20:05
Spokane wa?
13 April 2018, 22:52
B. O'Meara
Did you ever get a transfer? I work In Redmond Wa, seniority 93 just checking Brian 2069405033
14 April 2018, 00:37
B. O'Meara
SDbolts Seattle dist. Redmond Wa seniority 93, Brian 2069405033
16 April 2018, 23:11
Portland or seniority 06 2005
22 May 2018, 09:41
Eric Greene
I am trying very hard to get into the IE especially riverside but I'm in Austin, Tx if you decide to come to Texas let me know my attendance is great and my seniority date is 03/2018. If interested email me