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West Valley, AZ come to beautiful Canton, MI

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08 June 2014, 09:59
West Valley, AZ come to beautiful Canton, MI
Buckeye is first choice. But will also consider other cities in west valley or east valley or Phoenix. Seniority 2/98. Canton is a beautiful city. With 4 seasons. No bars on any widows, people jog day and night, Olympians live here(figure skating couple that won gold). Pro athletes live here. 1 or 2 of the FabFive gymnast live here. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Michigan to live. There is also lovely homes apts, and coops for the upper middle class blue collar workers like us. Plenty of shopping, IKEA, DSW, plus all others are all here in Canton. Great schools, great restaurants, great hospitals, there is nothing to dislike about Canton! This is the perfect city to work, live, eat and play. If you relocate to Canton I guarantee you will live no more than 10 minutes from work. Plus you will be 45 minutes from Detroit. New tiger stadium, new lions stadium, soon to be new red wings stadium, Belle Isle state park. Plenty to do on those long-weekends, camping, fishing at the 5 Great Lakes. I'm tired of typing, I could go on and on. I'm not looking to move until early 2015. But please contact me in the mean time. I'd prefer not to use ereassign because I don't want to lose all my seniority. If you have at least seven years seniority and are Full-Time I will trade with you. Great reasonable management, about 50 city routes, and 25 rural routes. Everyone's very friendly and will welcome you like family. Mtd, boomers, apts, and walking routes available. All LLV's, no fss yet. You will get a route in no time. We have no unassigned regulars and many high seniorities retiring. With my seniority I get good vacation weeks with holidays and spring break every year for my kid.

Come on Gilbert, WV, EV, Phoenix come back home to MI.

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