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Central Florida to Atlanta Metro.

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13 February 2012, 14:36
Central Florida to Atlanta Metro.
Or charlotte/raliegh area
25 February 2012, 19:26
rodney b
--where in fla are u located? i may b able to set a 3-way for u to go to nc area if u might b interested.... let me know..

ron 757-897-3741
25 February 2012, 22:56
Hi Rodney, yes I would be very interested. My branch is located in the heart of Downtown Miami. Great bidding station. Seniority is 2/96. I am looking to swap to Charlotte. Please let me know. Thanks.
26 February 2012, 10:30
rodney b
im truly sorry OG, miami is not in the cards right in virgina tryin to get to atlanta... i have someone in atl that wants anywhere from jax fl to vero bch. had someone in palm bch that wanted to trade but atl didnt want to go that far south!!! im lookn to find all options and possible combonations to get to atl.... was hoping to mayb get a 4 way if possible......if i find something I WILL DEFINATELY keep u in mind!!!! im on here everyday.... ques,though, i saw a post that stated some areas of fl will not do 3-swaps is that true? thx again ron
26 February 2012, 14:25
We thought the same thing and found out for ourselves that no its not true. It's the 4 way swaps that they are not letting through. But three was are allowed. Thanks for responding. Please let me know.
27 February 2012, 18:26
rodney b
nagelbacon, where in fl r u located? i know that u have posted to atl but ur other preference is n. carolina.....would u b interested in truly going there if i can find someone for a 3/4 way trade to get me to atl? im in va an been tryin for over 2 yrs to get to the atl.....
also, for whatever choice u make on here with me or any others .... u should post some contact info... thanks for ur time.......
29 February 2012, 10:08
Ron P
What part of central Florid are you in? I`m trying to get to the east coast or even Kissimmee but preferably the east coast between Ft. Pierce and Daytona.. I`m in Greenville SC
01 March 2012, 11:38
im in Lakeland. In between orlando and tampa.
I will consider offices within 30 minutes of the major metros of NC I.E Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro. But Im mostly looking for ATL
08 March 2014, 21:54
Are you still looking? I'm in an Atlanta suburb. Norcross, GA.
20 November 2017, 17:47
I am in Central Fl (Gainesville) are you still interest in relocating
26 November 2017, 16:01
if you are still looking I work in Greenville, NC...great place to work and live. We have 2 zones and all carriers work out of one station. We have 3 post offices. I would like to transfer to get closer to my autistic daughter who just moved to Noahs Landing. Please call if you are still interested in moving. 252-623-8492