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Tucson AZ to Michigan

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09 November 2017, 16:26
Tucson AZ to Michigan
Looking to swap from Tucson AZ to East Michigan.. I am moving to Yale and am looking for anything in the area, or in Detroit District.

I have a Seniority date of 08/08/2015

Lots of Routes, 11 stations and Great weather year round.

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20 November 2017, 17:07
Any Takers? Current Weather right now is 72 degrees!!!!
25 November 2017, 23:10
How about Waukegan, IL?? It's closer to where you wanna be
26 November 2017, 21:00
That is close, but its to far. Thank you for asking
04 December 2017, 23:26
Hi, interested in transferring to Ann Arbor, MI?
05 December 2017, 11:17
that's a lot closer, but it is 1.45 drive time from where I am going.. Thank you for contacting me. I will keep you in mind.
07 December 2017, 10:02