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16 April 2017, 17:03
Texas To California
I am In Amarillo Texas, lots of overtime! Wanting to go to San Diego, but I'm willing to look at other places in Cali. Letter Carrier, 7am-3pm. Seniority Date 04/06
19 April 2017, 09:43
Email me at or 8062908041. Again looking for Southern California La South!
20 December 2017, 22:29
Steve Ricker
Hi I am in Southern CA about 1.5 north of SD.My name is Steve you can email me at or phone 949-285-3354.Thanks!
09 January 2018, 14:17
Hey what about Fresno Cali very affordable traffic lite its in Central Cali, I'm T-6 with great routes I'm A 30yr carrier
Rudy 503 572-8758
10 January 2018, 20:37
hey dimple, how's vista ca? it's north san diego. three ways swap asap. i got someone from vista waiting , and i want tx.