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Arvada, Co to Canon City, Co .... DESPERATE!!!!!!!!

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15 February 2018, 00:12
Joseph Scheerer
Arvada, Co to Canon City, Co .... DESPERATE!!!!!!!!
I am trying to relocate to the canon city area as my father is moving there along with my brother from Florida, leaving me stuck in Denver alone. I am willing to consider all offers. Arvada Co has two offices, Arvada Main and Arvada Indian Tree. Both offices have very good supervisors, plenty of OT opportunity and a very well rounded work force. I have only been a regular for a year with a seniority date of 02/18/2017. Please contact me if anyone has even the slightest interest in moving north. I am attempting a transfer to the station, however, it is looking more difficult than expected. Thank you very much and please pass the word along if a City Carrier from the area sees this posting. My phone is 303-949-1713