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Tampa/St. Petersburg FL to Western North Carolina

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02 January 2012, 17:17
Mike J
Tampa/St. Petersburg FL to Western North Carolina
Looking for a mutual swap. I'm moving to Western North Carolina soon. My office has Plenty of OT, I'm in a City Carrier Position (regular).

I'm willing to go to any sort of position! I'm not picky!

Give me a call if interested! Thanks!

Mike Johnson
02 January 2012, 18:37
Would NW Georgia work for you? Chattanooga, Tn. area.

03 January 2012, 16:24
Mike J
Maybe so! What town exactly?
03 January 2012, 17:57
What about Savannah, GA?
03 January 2012, 18:28
Mike J
Sorry, Savannah is way too far from Western NC for a daily commute! Smiler
03 January 2012, 19:20
Mike, Rossville/fort Oglethorpe, last exit off I-75 before Chattanooga, Tn.

Ken 423-463-4400 call me!
04 January 2012, 19:04
Mike J
Ken, I was hoping you'd say something a bit more to the East. Google maps says that would be a 3 hour drive! A bit much for a daily haul in each direction!

I will be in the Sylva area of NC.
04 January 2012, 19:05
Mike J
Awfully close though! Man!! Wink
20 March 2012, 20:08
I am in Thomasville NC. But I would want Savannah, GA. where drown 7 is at. I will contact him and let me know what you think