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20 March 2012, 00:48
Arvine Carter
AZ to IN
Wanting to get to Indiana, (cities) Bloomington, Mooresville, Martinsville, Greenwood, Franklin, anyone wanting to come out to the SUN state of Arizona? email ( Thanks.
28 March 2012, 19:27
I want, if anyone in IN would want just SW of Chicago, let's do a 3 way by summer...

i'm in Joliet, seniority of 12/87

30 March 2012, 07:20
Dale Martin
Hi Arvine, my husband works in Marion IN. I know thats not exactly where you want to be but thought I would let you know that if you're interested....we want to move out east. We would have to find someone to do a 3 way trade. We are looking for VA, MD NC areas. Marion is a good hour or more north east of Indianapolis. Thanks. Marjorie