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Does anybody know.. with ereassign, 1.) Are you guarranteed 40 hrs?

2.) Would they assign you your own route?

3.) How long does it generally take to get reassigned?
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Ask the postmaster of the office you want to transfer to. My understanding, though, is that USPS is not creating any more PTF positions, so assuming you are regular in your current office you should be in the next office you ereassign to. Your new position could b a T-6 run, a regular route, or in rare instances a reserve letter carrier position, sort of like an unassigned regular position. Timing for when you will be ereassigned can vary widely, from weeks to months to years, depending on the staffing needs of the office where you want to go. These are all questions you should ask a postmaster or union rep for the office where you want to go. Do so before, not after, you have ereassigned!
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Depends on what they are filling
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You would transfer into a route. Once a month for a three week period the usps will list routes that have went unbid that are available for carriers to transfer to. You can get the list on the nalc website.

If the city you want to transfer to have no openings you can still put in for one and you will essentially be on a waiting list.

Ptf has priority. So if you are a ptf and want to go somewhere else this is your chance. If no ptfs want to transfer in somewhere then they have to keep a 3/1 (could be 4/1, it's listed on nalc) ratio. So for every 3 cca that they assign to a route they can take 1 transfer.

But you would be guaranteed 40 hrs. In some cases they could accept transfers before the routes go unbid so they don't let themselves too short handed. But you would be unassigned until you bid or a route was assigned.
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You can only use erreassign if you are a full time regular, so you will get 40 hours. You will assume the seniority of the junior person involved in the transfer. PTF's cannot use ereassign. There are no PTF's any longer in level 21 and above offices. Ptf's lose seniority when they change offices. CCA's will not be promoted to regular if there are any full time carriers on ereassign. Sign up on ereassign as soon as you know where you want to go. You can always decline, but anyone with a good safety record and good work history cannot be passed over.
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some what true .... if you are a ptf. (rare indeed) you can put in to transfer anywhere anytime w/o going thru reassign. you won't assume the seniority of the junior person involved .... were talking reassign not trading. that only happens with a trade. cca's ARE being promoted before reassigns are taken. can you say "grievance". typical postal bs.I know people with great safety record and good work history that are being denied. (more postal bs.)if there are many open rts you may be offered a rt right away. example: vegas has many open rts nobody bid on and a carrier that got reassigned there was given a choice of which rt he wanted.....
clear as mud now ? LOL
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Ron Allen- First, any routes listed on ereasign can be taken by a PTF first. They can not be refused. I just did a ereasign to a new office and there were two open routes so they called me and asked which one I wanted. Otherwise you transfer into the office and then get the route that is open. Using ereasign has nothing to do with senority- If you are the first person to sign up for a office on the 1st of the month you are supposed to be first one taken. But their can be a list of other carriers wanting popular offices. Also a % of CCAs get converted as well when there are openings.
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Hey Ron. Looks like everyone on here has given you good info. I put in for Alaska and Anchorage is offering me the choice of 3 routes and was told by the PM that I'd better like OT. So 40 hours will be no problem. I would prefer a mutual transfer since you keep some senority. I'm in Koxville tn. Where r u wanting to go?

Frankfort ky seeking mutual transfer to florida. Will consider all areas. Senority date is 4-95. 28 routes
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How long til you know I put in 23 bids in sept for San Diego but no word on anything
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