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Glendale, CA to Pittsburgh, PA

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26 September 2017, 19:45
Glendale, CA to Pittsburgh, PA
Seniority date Sept 2015 and I am looking to move east to help my family out. Overtime is available at my office, four offices to bid on. Route adjustments are coming up. Right next to Los Angeles. Looking to swap around March/April 2018
01 November 2017, 16:04
only 4 offices? You're not part of bidding with the rest of LA?
03 November 2017, 15:12
Right, we are our own bid cluster, nearly 200 carriers in four offices. I deliver within a few feet of Los Angeles but Glendale is its own city.
02 January 2018, 09:19
I am a city carrier in Pittsburgh and my seniority date is November 2015. I am very interested in this trade. March or April would be perfect. You can contact me via email at or give me a call at 4125121636.

Aaron LW
02 January 2018, 13:49
I am a carrier in Butler area. About 30 muntes away from Pittsburgh depending on traffic. I am looking to get to Bradenton, Florida if you could do a 3 way transfer?? 330 507 7881
01 March 2018, 23:20
Aaron, jeanne, thank you for the replies.

Sorry for the slow response, i was in a bad non work accident, was hit and hurt very badly. If my situation changes ill reach out.