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Hi folks. As a bit of encouragement I'd like to tell you that I am in the midst of a mural swap (knock on wood) and I found my swaper on this site. Just in case any of you are weary of that, there you have it. My warning isn't so much about swapping as it is on WHERE and WHY you're trying to transfer. ESPECIALLY if you're trying to get to Florida. If you want to get there because of family reason then okay, fine. But if you're anyone like me who just wants to start off fresh in a sunnier state... Well there are plenty of other sunny states too. The reason I say this is because I have a lot of friends, new and old, who came to Massachusetts (gasp!) because of how things are going down there. I know a few New Hamphire carriers that transferred down there for a new start and regret going to FL with all their heart and soul. So I guess my final thought is: if you're leaving because you WANT to (as opposed to NEEDING to) then do extensive research on the things that are important to you in ANY given area (i.e. politics, weather, general attitudes, etc) It would be a very miserable life for someone very Liberal to live in the sticks of Georgia or someone very conservative to live in Mass.
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What did your friends who transferred to Florida hate about the state and what part of Florida did they swap to? Are there some parts of Florida to avoid and others that are better?
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Hey, this is really interesting. Florida is my third state. I have no idea what you are talking about..Florida is great, weather is great, no state tax is great.housing is sooo affordable so my question is what is your motive for such a posting..have a great sunshine day!!!
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Congrats on finding someone to swap with. Your advice is good for ANY state, you need to research exactly where you are going so you do not get any surprises. There are enough people on here like me from Florida(native btw)who will gladly and honestly tell you all about our state.
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I'm actually from Florida trying to get to NC. I don't hate where I'm from, I love it, I'd just like to be closer to my family. But, I don't think we should speak bad of any state as I feel you may lessen that persons chances of a swap. Thank you!
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Ironically, I transferred from up north to Florida and love it (mostly), but my wife hated it here. If anyone has a family make sure they are ALL on board with the transfer or there can be major problems. If possible, visit the area and try not to do it as a tourist, if that make any sense to you. For example, Florida's population in coastal areas swells during "Season" (January through April). Try to visit then and do a morning and evening rush hour drive each day to assess the traffic you'd be encountering on the way to work. Summers here are very uncomfortable, and last half the year or even longer.
If you're hoping for somewhere up north, try to visit during the middle of winter to experience the snow and ice (and lack of sun). These things will be part of your everyday life.
Research as much as possible no matter where you're looking to go. You'll never know it all, but you'll be prepared for most things.
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I don't understand what you are trying to say. I don't think you should speak bad about any state and of course anywhere you go you should do some research. I transferred to Florida 2 years ago for warmer weather and have no regrets. I love it here.
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