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Las Vegas to Oregon, Idaho, Colorado or similar

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13 November 2017, 21:10
Las Vegas to Oregon, Idaho, Colorado or similar
Located Las Vegas.
Hello, I'm looking to swap with someone in 3 to 5 years. So 2020 (November) to 2023 Preferably in 3 years.
Good overtime at most stations.
Great stations, supervision and great opportunities always for management positions.

Looking to go to Colorado Springs, Oregon, Idaho, or any place similar. Less than 1 million people in surrounding area of city. California is off limits for me. At least as of now.

Contact 702-506-5007 if serious. I will keep posted every month or so.

I bought a house and I am tied down for a minimum of 3 years from 10-6-2017.

Travis Jacobs
18 November 2017, 22:45
What is your seniority date?
12 December 2017, 08:35
Travis, this is the rural carrier forum. City carriers cannot mutually transfer with rural carriers. Try posting in the city carrier forum.
13 December 2017, 15:26
This is the city letter carrier forum not rural