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Central Florida to the boondocks

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02 August 2017, 12:58
Central Florida to the boondocks
Located Real close to Tampa-if you're somewhere rural and interested in a trade-let me know what you got! Transfer wouldn't happen for another year or so-but I'm looking for an office in a rural setting. Doesn't really matter where but I would prefer southeast United States. Thanks!
02 August 2017, 15:33
Just curious what town? LLV or POV?
02 August 2017, 20:01
I'm in Arlington TN 24 routes all LLVs trying to get to florida
02 August 2017, 21:25
I work in hampton, ga.
11 August 2017, 17:36
Originally posted by danette:
Would you be interested in hampton, ga.

15 August 2017, 14:45
Mailman24 I'm in Arlington TN we have 24 routes rural all LLVs I'm trying to get to Florida are you trying interested.
17 August 2017, 15:52
Danette yes I would be can you send me your contact info thank you
17 August 2017, 16:14
Maillman I need someone from central Florida to come to my route in NC to complete a 3 way. We are not in a hurry either but seriously looking. I have a 44k POV very rural area no cluster boxes. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks.
17 August 2017, 17:06
maillman24, the residual route is a pov route. I can be texted at 7704685249. email is
17 August 2017, 20:02
Sunroof what part of Nc?
17 August 2017, 21:19
Lillington close to Fayetteville and Raleigh
19 August 2017, 18:46
Nashville TN may be an option, all LLV's. Enjoy all the seasons, pro sports, great food and so much more. You can even have that mini farm right outside the city or if you prefer metro, we got it.
26 December 2017, 21:37
Maillman24 is your office all LLV? DPS & FSS? I’m in chapel hill, nc. Would here be of interest to you?
23 January 2018, 21:49
Mr. B
denton Texas, the office is not small but all locations north and west of denton are very rural. the county to the north only has 30k total population. there is also a hidden valley that goes down to the red river. very few people know about it. there are a few residence, mostly natural and undeveloped. some land is for sale from private owners. please feel free to email or text. 940-206-8786