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Hi. I've been reading through quite a few of the ads and thought I would share some info. It appears that a lot of folks don't really know how a mutual transfer works. Hope this info will help.

When two (or more) carriers agree to a transfer you do not simply swap routes. What happens is that the routes that are involved in the swap go up for bid within each office to all full time carriers in that office. The resulting vacancy is the route that the transfering carriers will get. You may have a 44K route where you are now, but you could end up with a 40H at the new office.

Also, your step level has nothing to do with the other carriers step level. When you transfer your pay will be based on your existing step and whatever size route you get at the new office. It makes no difference, for example, if you are a step 10 and the other carrier is a step 5. You both will remain at the step you are now. But, when you go to your new office you go to the bottom of seniority in the new office, regardless of your present seniority or step.

If you currently have a LLV, there is no guarantee that you will get one at your new office. When a mutual transfer takes place and the routes are put up for bid (as I explained above), if the route has a LLV it will most likely be taken by someone within that office that does not have a LLV.

Relief days may end up being different also. Keep in mind that not all offices have all routes with Sat. and Sun. off. Most large offices will have some with Sat, some with Mon, Wed, etc.

Hopefully this info will be of some help to many of you considering a transfer. Not trying to scare anyone, just want you all to be aware of what actually happens.
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