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McKean Pa to North Dakota

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15 July 2007, 11:34
Kathy R. Yaple
McKean Pa to North Dakota
I would Like to Transfer to North Dokota, with in in hour of Bismarck would be great! I would consider a 3 way.
My office is a 3 route office 2k routes 1 aux. The Aux is currently not available. You would be getting my 43k route. It's 51 miles 512 boxesand 504 stops. All but about 2 miles are paved. I start at 7am. and usually done by 1:30PM. We cureently have a pretty good OIC. The office is located about 15 min. form Lake Erie and 2 hours from Pittsburg Pa, Cleavland OH, and Buffalo NY. We do have 4 seasons. Home phone 814-438-2151. Email