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Oklahoma to Northern California.

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13 January 2017, 23:16
Oklahoma to Northern California.
Exploring options for a transfer from Owasso, Oklahoma to Northern California/Sacramento area. Wouldn't be able to transfer until around March in order to get everything in order on my end. My current office has 21 rural routes. 19 routes have LLV's and 2 are POV's. My current route is a 44k with growth. Some businesses, but mainly residential. Owasso is a suburb of Tulsa, only about a 15 minute drive to downtown Tulsa. My number is 918-639-6819. Text or call and leave a message after 5 and I will get back to you. I'm very serious about this, which is why I'm trying to get everything setup well in advance.
21 December 2017, 05:07
Burns112 did you get your transfer? I would be interested in Owasso. Please text or email 641-209-2212